Conservative Butthurt

I just made the mistake of perusing a few wordpress blogs which were tagged with politics.  There were more than a few who were lamenting the death of America, the loss of freedom, and the inevitable decline of our civilization in general.  We liberal, godless, perverts are going to ruin everything! Oh wait, I mean we are going to help and make it better, just not for them.

I know I am partisan here, but I cannot comprehend how stupid conservatives can be.  Not all conservatives are stupid, obviously, but I cannot comprehend how people who lived through the last several years have these absurd views (you know, the kind I parodied 2 days ago) about how socialist and terrible Obama is.  The fact is that he’s a moderate, a conservative Democrat, who takes pragmatic approaches to problems.  Yes, he does support some idealistic things which I agree with, like gay marriage, but he’s really pretty moderate and takes evidence-based approaches to lots of issues.  You know, the opposite of how the Republican Party has operated in recent decades.

I am hopeful that the conservatives whose butts are hurting right now, lamenting their slow but sure loss of socio-political control (often mixed with racism, misogyny, and many other effects of privilege), will become less and less prevalent in our culture in the next couple of decades.  I’m hoping that the efforts of skeptics and other forces for progress will have a positive affect on our social, cultural, and political world.  I am a bit skeptical, cynical even, that it will happen without lots of death-throws from the right, but it must happen if we are to survive and create a culture worthy of wanting to defend.

So, you Tea Partying, neo-con, far right theocracy/patriarchy toting morons out there, get over it and grow up.  Your privilege has been showing )except for to yourself), and you need to get out of your mental cave.  Your god is an illusion, your patriarchy is divisive and harmful, your misogyny hateful, and your traditions are often absurd and destructive.

I’ll be as clear as I can; you are on the losing side of history, and are hurting the world around you, including yourself.

8 thoughts on “Conservative Butthurt

  1. My turn. So, congrats on your MA is philosophy. I always have a lot of fun with philosopher types. Couple of questions…1st. So being a philosopher does that mean Obama not sucking could only exist in your head? Perhaps reality is too much of a struggle. 2nd. I didn’t see any response about why you may think the stocks are plummeting and the dollar went down today. Any philosophical thoughts that may explain that?

    As for your atheist beliefs, I often find atheists to be generally angry, worn out people. You spend most of your life trying to prove God doesn’t exist. Hmm, kinda sounds like a religion. Careful.

  2. lol,

    well, I am not an economist, but I think you would need to defend a view that would claim that stocks and the dollar going down has anything directly to do with Obama. I mean, these things fluctuate, don’t they?

    Obama is not an ideal candidate, just far better than Romney. He could, theoretically, suck more, but right now I think he’s a fairly good president, and I voted for him because of that.

    You familiarity with the atheist community might be lacking, because most of the atheists I know are friendly, generous, and energetic. Our goal is not to disprove god, but many of us do try and show why belief in a god is not rationally warranted. Atheism is like a religion like bald is a hair color. In other words, it isn’t.

    Thanks for playing!

  3. What kind of man enters a relationship where he is OK with his woman banging other dudes? A serious beta who wants to diminish the connection one makes in a loving relationship with one persons o as not to get too close to that person and develop attachment, eventually being hurt when rejected because they are a sad beta. My guess is if you ever managed to get a manjaw to marry you, you’d probably hyphenate your name.

  4. @SOBL1

    I guess you have not read any of this blog until now. Allow me to welcome you in my very own beta way…

    1) I’m already married, but we didn’t hyphenate, we both kept our names. 2) what’s wrong with hyphenating? 3) what’s wrong with my wife, or my girlfriend, or any of my other lovers having other lovers? What, am I a selfish misogynistic douchebag who is so insecure that I have to make sure I keep a woman I am with on a leash? Am i so insecure about myself as a partner and lover that I cannot allow my lovers to have other people in their life?

    I have 2 very close, loving, relationships with 2 women, one who I married, the other who is married to another man, who also has another girlfriend. The 5 of us live together, and we are happy.

    I would put my “manhood” (whatever that means) up against a person who says such stupid things as that comment any day.

  5. “I know I am partisan here, but I cannot comprehend how stupid conservatives can be. ”

    Careful. I made this mistake for a while. It’s not *stupid* — it’s *CRAZY*. There’s a subtle distinction. Stupid would mean having difficulty thinking through complicated things. Intelligent but crazy, to me, means being able to go through long, complicated chains of reasoning, but having whackadoodle premises or whackadoodle illogic in the middle of it.

    Conservatives are *crazy*. Not stupid; *crazy*. They’ve often been made crazy by brainwashing, although I’m sure some were born crazy.

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