Obamapocalypse Now (Long live the Communist State!)

So, here at the PolySkeptic Compound, we have been Obama supporters.  Personally, I had a few issues with Obama over the last few years, but that was a necessary evil because we needed to wait for the right time.  But now things are really going to change, and I would like to be the first to present to you what we, here at PolySkeptic.com, have been planning.

Now that Obama does not have to worry about getting re-elected, he will be able to pull out all the stops and stop pandering to the middle, and even to the mere ‘left’.  It’s been quite hard for our secret godless cabal to plan the future without being caught, but let me be the one to tell you what is coming (I won the lottery at the last meeting, so I get to break the story, and details will follow over the next few weeks).

You see, for years the atheist movement has been working hard, behind the scenes, to build up a new political endeavor which will finally destroy god, freedom, and personal responsibility.  We have been meeting with the Obama campaign, the Socialist party, Communist party, and some others who will come to light son enough, and just last night we received official confirmation from those close to Obama that we are finally ready to strike tonight, after Obama wins the election.

Over the next few months, Congress and the Judiciary will be weakened before Obama will be named the GREAT CZAR for life, and the great Marxist plot to take over the world will finally truly begin (after a few failed attempts, mind you).  Within 6 months, we will officially be the Communist States of America (CSA), and the reckoning will follow.

We will finally unleash the goons on the churches of the land (but not the mosques, for they are actually secret atheist organizations, as Mohammad planned all along, unknown to the uninitiated) and destroy all things godly, and begin the new era of Muslim, atheist, communist dictatorship…I mean utopia.

All of those who have been fearing the loss of a free America, free markets, the 2nd Amendment, etc were right, and if they are smart they will take to the forests now where their stockpiles of weapons are stashed.  Not that it will matter, because when we unleash the robot army, their weapons will be useless.  With our mastery of Science, and all of the power and control that we can unleash with our mind-controlling chemicals in airplane chemtrails (all we need to do now is release the catalyst chemicals) and our re-education centers (some call it ‘brainwashing,’ but I find that crass), we will be unstoppable.

And the Tea Party and all the other right wing nut jobs who survive? They will be rounded up and forced to live in a new city (which we have built in secret) called Galt’s Gulch, where they will receive no help from the State, and will be left alone to be independent, responsible for themselves, and free to do whatever they want without regulation.  They will not be allowed to leave the city, of course (because they wouldn’t like what is outside anyway, so why would they want to), but they should be happy in their free market, non-nanny state that they want so badly.  They can be free to pursue wealth with shitty roads and infrastructure (with no taxes, how could they pay for them, right?), no regulation to protect them from sociopathic industry leaders, and all the stupid gods they can pray to for help.

A view from the nearly completed “Douchebag Tower” in Galt’s Gulch, location TBA soon!

Oh, it will be glorious here in the Communist States of America! No churches, praying finally outlawed, and freedom curtailed to keep everyone safe from things like guns, the 1%, and freedom.  And best of all, we will force the few extremely wealthy people we allow to remain around to finance our easy lives of sitting around watching gay porn and having debaucherous parties, at least until they run out of money.  And once they run out of money, we’ll send them into Galt’s Gulch to try and become wealthy again, and then raid the banks ofthat very city to re-finance our lifestyles without doing more than the minimal amount of work.  Great Czar Barack Hussein Obama truly is a genius!

The future utopia will be just like Rome!

In the new CSA, gay marriage will not only be legal but you will have to, by law, marry someone of the same gender as you.  And you must consummate that marriage at least once a month!  And we will be watching, so you better do it because we’ll know if you don’t.  But don’t worry, you will also be able to marry someone else, or like 15 other people if you like, and have your kinky three-ways and four-ways if that’s what you are into…which you better be!  Monogamy will obviously be illegal, punishable by threat of being thrown into the orgy pit; the kinky, leather, bondage orgy pit where the safe words must be guessed, and change daily.  Good luck!

We will all praise Darwin, PZ Myers (Freethought Blogs in general, actually, as their word is Truth, and always will be), and one other ‘saint’ (we will re-appropriate this word) of atheism of your choosing (from our approved list, of course), and you will have to give 6.66% of your social efforts (since money will be replaced by hugs, kisses, and hot, hot sex) to the great Science Altar where we will force children to be indoctrinated, I mean taught, about Evolution.

Concerning the Truth of Darwinism, we will all now capitalize Evolution and speak reverently, always, of Darwin.  For these are the Great Words of reverence which will never be questioned.  Creationists will be left in cages in public squares to be laughed at and there will be tomatoes present, if you feel the need to throw something at them.  And you WILL feel compelled to throw things at them, if you love the Great Czar.

All churches will become this, or an orgy center.

Any praying, worshiping of gods, or even saying the word “Jesus” will be punishable by reprogramming at the Science Altar’s sister organization, the Ministry of Truth (AKA Pharyngula).  There, we will decide what is true, so that you can know, and any other attempts at truth will become illegal.  All Bibles will be burned, all crosses taken down, and all other religious symbols confiscated and destroyed along with all evidence that such a person as Jesus ever existed.  Over time, Christianity will be forgotten, and Islam will be revealed as the atheist cult that it has been all this time.  All the other religions? Well, they never seemed to matter much in American politics anyway, so who cares, right?  They just better keep it that way.

So, tonight we celebrate the dawning of a new era, and the future belongs to the Great Czar Obama and his Communist State.  This New Progress (as it may be called by herstory) has been brought to you by the Gay Agenda (thanks guys, you really gave 100%), Feminism (who taught me, personally, that being a real man is not really important), the Liberal Elite Media (ah, the LEMings! we really could not have done it without you!), and, of course, the Atheists for a New Socialist America (because we are the ‘ANSA’, amirite?), who have been working along side many atheist bloggers, groups, and even us here at PolySkeptic (this is why posting has been infrequent, recently; we were planning for the Obamapocalypse).

Thanks you all. And Obama bless America.


[edit: This was all satire, based on stupid ideas that people have that Obama is a Communist/Socialist/Muslim, as well as ideas about atheists.  For some people, a few people were not sure how serious I was.  There’s your answer.]

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