So, we call it PolyBar, or something…

This is the bar at the PolySkeptic compound:

Let it suffice that this is among the nerdiest bars I have ever seen.  There is no real point to this post, I just wanted to share how awesome the area behind my desk is.  I mean, I only have to walk like 10 feet to get to the closest bar!

I live a charmed life.

Hilarious corkscrew and lighter shown for scale

But the question becomes what we should call this bar.  It is dominated by Star Trek paraphernalia, so we could call it Ten Forward, but I’m not very fond of that.  I considered Trek, but the fact is that there is also a huge Yoda Pez dispenser, which means that there is a mingling of Star Trek and Star Wars.  Our goal is to piss off as many nerds as we can, I suppose.

So, here are some of the ideas we have come up with:

  • Trek
  • PolyBar Galactica
  • Bar Noir
  • Polycule (which is a term we like generally for our little family, as well)
  • Nerdgasm
  • The Fenzorselli-McBrownigal Liquor Depot
  • The Real Classy Booze Shack (because the nicer the description of the bar, the worse it is, amirite?)
  • [insert clever bar name here]

In any case, I’m sure we will settle on something eventually.  In the meantime, here’s some more close-ups.

Yes, those are rubber duckies in a basket.


Notice, below, the huge Pauwel glass, designed for drinking lots of Kwak, apparently.  If you have not had it, Kwak is a quite delicious Belgian amber ale.  You should try some.

That, in the background, is a signed picture of Brent Spiner (Data) with Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc-Picard), wearing 20’s style garb.

So, we should totally throw more parties.  Also, you should all come.
Now, to make myself a drink or something….


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