Please, please, please read this post. I’m in North Carolina for a wedding and mimi-vacation. I have no reason to believe that anyone who reads this blog would not already know about this. But in the very small set of universes where I might get some more votes for some organizations I urge support for, in order to get them some more funding, I post this. Shaun

One thought on “Please, please, please read this post.

  1. There was something that came up in my FB feed about a week or 2 ago that really disturbed me. One of my friends posted an e-card with a father and son looking at a computer. I forget exactly what it said, but the general conversation had the father explaining to the son that there were people in America who didn’t want God being mentioned anymore. The last line was the little boy saying “Well, then, we should take America away from them!” It makes me ill just thinking about it.

    Between it being an election year and the fervor of believing vs. non-believing, it’s beginning to make me wonder when the separation of church & state went away. It almost seems like it’s becoming a crime in this country to NOT be religious. And even then, if you have some sort of religious belief(s), it’s a problem if you don’t believe exactly as others do. Something has really gone wrong here. What happened to this man is horrible and frightening, and it makes me wonder if it would ever come to that in America.

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