Please, please, please read this post. I’m in North Carolina for a wedding and mimi-vacation. I have no reason to believe that anyone who reads this blog would not already know about this. But in the very small set of universes where I might get some more votes for some organizations I urge support for, in order to get them some more funding, I post this. Shaun

Christmas in July!


While downtown today, I ran into this.  Now, most of you out there have probably seen the Salvation Army people ringing bells around Christmas time.  But this was the first time I have seen one in July.

Now, I have heard the cultural meme of Christmas in July, and really don’t care one way or the other about it.  I don’t generally enjoy Christmas and have not celebrated it for many years, but I know many atheists still enjoy the holiday. 

But the Salvation Army…

I don’t have easy access to statistics while mobile, but their charity organization is not exactly altruistic.  Much of what they do with the money they bring in is proselytize their Christian message.  I mean, just look at what they call themselves; Salvation Army.  This is not an organization which is friendly to secular worldviews, and is not an organizagion I would give a penny to.

If you want a better charity, look up Foundation Beyond Belief.  Why are they not on street corners ringing bells? Would people give to an overt secular or non-religious charity?

In any case, I didn’t talk to them because I had somewhere to be, but now that I’m done, perhaps I will ask them what they know about the organization and if they are christians themselves.  Very likely they are.