Perhaps We Should Update

As I said, we’re all wearing our fancy tshirts (check out the link on the right of this page to get one of your VERY OWN!  You don’t want to be the only one without a shirt do you…DO YOU???) which say “Atheist, Polyamorous, Skeptics” on the front.

Between sets, a gentleman approached us to get a good look at the shirts.  I noticed him looking and said in a welcoming way, “Hi!  I noticed you checking out our tshirts!”

“Yeah, I was wondering.  I assumed at first that you had a lascivious for that word ‘polyamorous’, but you just mean you love everybody, right?”

Wes: No, we mean the lascivious thing.

Me: Yeah, polyamory like dating multiple people.

Then he walked away after seemingly thinking we were offended or something.  We really weren’t!  If you see us, we really like talking about all the things mentioned on our shirts…also lots of other stuff.  We’re quite pleasant 🙂

Also, Space Goldfish have made their first appearance.


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