Hello From the Reason Rally!


Ok, I’ll write more than that, if you insist.  While I have battery on my telephonic device, I’ll be blogging about the things going on at this already impressive event.

1.  Shaun, Ginny, Wes, and I got into line for the tents that house the tables for the various secular organizations (secular swag, ftw!).  The line was long and seemingly unmoving.  For whatever reason, everyone thought Ginny knew what was going on and asked her what we were waiting for (I assume it’s the glasses and knowing expression).  I found myself completely amazed by the fact that everyone asked first what we were waiting for before getting into line…no herd following.  To me, this is the biggest difference between a free thinker and, well, everybody else.

2. People’s signs say things like “I believe in life before death”, a picture of American coins with “In Science We Trust”, and general sentiments expressing that we’re happy and moral without a god.  It’s totes controversial apparently.

3.  I am impressed with the general sentiment of sex positivity here and, so far, focuses on women’s autonomy.

4.  The sound quality here is frakkin’ incredible.  Shut up.  I’m imprssed by that crap, ok?

5.  Wes, Shaun, Ginny and I are all wearing matching tshirts for Polyskeptic.com because we’re AWESOME and…ADORABLE…OR SOMETHING.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Hello From the Reason Rally!

  1. Sounds great! Wish I were there. As a blind woman, I’m interested to know if you see any blind or other persons with disabilities (A term I like better: differently abled)?

  2. I haven’t seen any particular infrastructure for the blind (I wouldn’t really know what to look for unfortunately. Any suggestions?) But they do have several people doing sign language on stage to aid those with hearing impairments. The one kept up with Tim Minchin lyrics…AMAZING!

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