OMG, Burlesque!

Hello!  I meant to write earlier today, but seeing that I had the work day from hell (hell being other people…demanding that I do a lot annoying, time consuming, stress inducing, curse yielding, insanity producing tasks) I had barely a second to myself to use company time to blog.  As such, I am updating this with the magic of mobile technology while waiting for the train to go into Philadelphia, because I multitask like that.

Do you notice that the word multitask has tit in the middle of it?  SO DID I!

Speaking of tits…

See what I did there? I totally left out the hyphen to make a joke in bad taste for the purposes of promoting my burlesque show tonight!  That’s what we in the biz call clever writing.

I’m not sure what business I’m talking about.  Probably used car dealer ad writing.

Many months ago, Shaun wrote a post introducing me to his audience.  In it, he stated that I’m a chemist, am in a band, do a lot of theater stuff and “other things that might not be appropriate to mention here”.  I’m assuming he wasn’t talking about my bisexuality (as he, nor I really, knew about that yet).  And I also assume that he wasn’t talking about that I think nuclear holocaust jokes are funny…in the right context…which is usually in the context of zombies and the fact that my grandfather has a sliderule used to calculate the number of megadeaths that would be caused by a blast.

No, likely he was talking about the fact that last July I officially became a burlesque dancer.  In fact, we consider our anniversary to be the evening of my first performance when he couldn’t help but show his interest.  There’s something to be said for a woman you like saying “yeah, it’s been nice talking to you.  Would you like to come see me strip artfully in public?”

Tonight I am doing my second ever performance, along with my husband, my husband’s girlfriend, my girlfriend (who happens to also be my husband’s other girldfriend and Shaun’s fiancee) and a few other people who haven’t managed to join our fabulous polyamorous web of fabulousness.  Also, Shaun’s running lights and sound.  It’s family affair!

Some day I’ll draw you a diagram.

Burlesque is a wonderful thing.  Yeah, at it’s heart it is stripping, but because it comes from the days of Vaudville, it is truly the art of the strip tease.  There is an artfulness to it and it is most certainly theatrical.  It is generally enjoyed by boys and girls alike.  It is empowering!  When you do a burlesque number, you are dancing because you want to…and the audience is privelaged to get to see it.

I adore it.  It makes me feel sexy and confident and puts me in touch with a strong feminity that I generally deny myself on a day to day basis.

Anyway, if you’re local and would like to check it out, swing by the Shubin Theatre (4th and Bainbridge) tonight and tomorrow at 8pm!

This shameless self promotion was not only authorized but requested by Shaun, so send your complaints to him!