Time flies….

I had hardly noticed that so much time had passed without a post.  Frankly, I’ve ben having too much fun.  The summer is winding down, people are going back to school (includng my lovely Ginny, who just started a Human Sexuality program at Widener), and this weekend is full of cooking, eating and drinking.  Later today I will go to a BBQ at some other poly peoples’ house and continue this fine tradition.

So, what have I been up to? Well, spending time with Ginny and Gina (being polyGinous….) for the most part.  There has been a hurricane, an earthquake, and some idiot Republican candidates making me want to move to Europe, but there have not been any issues either polyamorous or atheist which caught my attention enough to comment upon them.  Hell, even my google reader has been neglected so there may be all sorts of interesting things going on of which I am simply not aware.

So, polyamory is great, monogamy is fine but artificially limiting and should not be the social default.  Religions are sort of silly, there are no reasons to believe in any gods that I have seen, and people should grow up and realize this so we can actually find solutions to problems rather than pray and hope them away.  Skepticism, the application of reason and the scientific method of questions in our lives, should be a practice which employ in all aspects of our lives, and doing so properly will lead to atheism and the negotiated relationships which bring us fullfillments of desirs platonic, romantic, and sexual.

That’s pretty much my blog,  dear readers.  If I have something more specific to say, I’ll try and do so more frequently.  In the mean time, enjoy the end of your summer (for those of you in the northern hemisphere) and keep enjoying this life.

It’s the only one we have, and we should love those whom we love openly, freely, and without reservation or fear.