Draw Muhammad Day

So, to day is draw Muhammad day.  It’s a silly sort of thing, actually.  It really does not even deserve the merit of being commented on.  The fact that some people’s lives are at risk because many Muslims don’t agree makes it worthy of comment.

So, here’s a picture of me wearing a shirt that I like.

He really looked exactly like that.

See, I don’t have any respect for Islam.  Nor do I have respect for Christianity of Judaism, but at least I can draw silly pictures of their gods and/or prophets.

And, for the record, it isn’t religion per se that I have the issue with, but the concept of faith, the inability to criticize beliefs, and so forth that I am so annoyed by.  Religion just tends to be the carrier of such things.  So, Muslims, get over yourselves.  We don’t have to play by your rules, and we will not be scared into submission (what Islam means) nor silence.

Happy day, everyone!

(And if I end up dead, you’ll know why)


5 thoughts on “Draw Muhammad Day

  1. You are most welcome to criticise religion. If you want debate or discuss religion you can. If you agree or disagree with some belief that is up to you. But your right ends where my nose begins. You do not have right to insult my religion or what I consider sacred. i know you did not intend to insult my beloved prophet by drawing him on your shirt. But just look at the way others have done on the site in the name of freedom. But do you know how The Prophet really looked like? And what were his teachings? Do you care to know?

    Anyway you are free to do what you want. All the best!?

  2. Right, and your rights end where my rights begin. The rules of Islam should not affect me. Your belief that he is a prophet of deserving of respect ends where my belief that he was a pedophile and a war-monger begin (whether I believe those things or not).

    I do have the right to mock, insult, and criticize your religion. You do not have the right not to be offended. If you don’t want to be ridiculed for your beliefs, don’t have such ridiculous beliefs.

    And I have read the Koran. Disgusting.

  3. 1. I’m Atheist.

    2. I agree: why should I have to play by Muslims’ rules? Muslims shouldn’t draw the prophet (or take photographs of people, I suppose). But I’m not Muslim

    3. This kind of so-called Activism seems unskillful to me. All it does is wind up the poor Muslims, and for no good reason.

    4. On a related note (which caused HUGE controversy here in South Africa and actually led to the cartoonist apologising (which I thought was unnecessary)). The cartoonist Zapiro drew a cartoon published in the Mail and Guardian depicting Mohammed on a bearded psychologist’s couch saying: “Why can’t my followers, like other religions, have a sense of humour?”
    That’s the kind of “draw Mohammed (peace be upon him) I can get behind! 😉
    But boy, did he get into trouble. And that’s the kind of trouble that I think is more skillful to get into because it’s not just to wind Muslims up — it really is done to further a debate of some sort.

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