Draw Muhammad Day

So, to day is draw Muhammad day.  It’s a silly sort of thing, actually.  It really does not even deserve the merit of being commented on.  The fact that some people’s lives are at risk because many Muslims don’t agree makes it worthy of comment.

So, here’s a picture of me wearing a shirt that I like.

He really looked exactly like that.

See, I don’t have any respect for Islam.  Nor do I have respect for Christianity of Judaism, but at least I can draw silly pictures of their gods and/or prophets.

And, for the record, it isn’t religion per se that I have the issue with, but the concept of faith, the inability to criticize beliefs, and so forth that I am so annoyed by.  Religion just tends to be the carrier of such things.  So, Muslims, get over yourselves.  We don’t have to play by your rules, and we will not be scared into submission (what Islam means) nor silence.

Happy day, everyone!

(And if I end up dead, you’ll know why)