Once upon a time, I wrote for a blog…

And then life happened.

I decided I should start writing again. And I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog. From here on out, I will not be perpetuating any of the previous silliness about silly people, as I have long moved on from that part of my life, and am in a far better place. This paragraph will be the last I make reference to any of that, on this blog.

So, if any of you are still reading this blog (and I wouldn’t blame you if you do not), going forward this will largely just be a space to sort out thoughts that I’m having while reading, thinking about issues I find interesting, or sorting out my continuing thoughts about the nature of religion, sexuality, and critical thinking in a world that is still pretty shitty.

And I’m quite aware that I’m just some over-privileged white, cis, hetero male in a culture that is increasingly focused on the voices of the marginalized. And to that I say, well, good!. I am glad those voices are focused on more. I’m glad that small, incremental changes are happening is some places, and am saddened that the skeptic/atheist world has been overtaken by so many awful people opposed to the world becoming more diverse and critical of privilege. People such as the “Sargon of Akkad,” Some “Amazing Atheist,” and “Thunderf00t” (among many others) are, frankly, just awful human beings not really worth listening to, anymore. If they are your people, then kindly go elsewhere.

But this will be my space, and I will not shy away from my own thoughts, and nobody has to read it. Frankly, I’m doing this more as an outlet for myself than for any readers. That said, if you are reading this, welcome, and feel free to comment, share, or navigate elsewhere per your preferences.

For anyone who used to read my blog and has come back, I’ll provide you with the briefest of update as to what I’m up to:

I live in West Philly, alone, with my two cockatiels, and I work at Penn Medicine as a System Administrator (running some software called Maximo and building intranet sites). I’m currently single, as of recently, and am dating. Not currently seeking a polyamorous partner, per se.

I’ve been playing guitar more in the last couple of years, and bought 2 more of them (for a total of 3), and have been known to sit on the porch and play with some neighbors or friends. I continue to expand my experience with music via Spotify, where I try to listen to new music and continue to discover bands I’ve missed over the years.

I have done a lot of travelling in the last year or so, and plan to do more travelling going forward. I’m mostly off of Facebook, occasionally tweet a thought, but my Instagram (@ShaunPhilly) is pretty active. I read a lot, I walk a lot, and still like to grab a beer in the evening (usually with a book) and listen to one of the many podcasts I subscribe to (and, in many cases, support on Patreon.com. Favorites include On the Media, The Scathing Atheist, Cognitive Dissonance, and (of course) Hardcore History.

Still an atheist. I argue with people less, as I find it largely a waste of time. I am more prone to the methods of the various people who have been doing street epistemology in recent years, although I will leave it to them, as I’m pretty much done with debating people at this point. I’m more interested in enjoying my life than trying to convince other people of anything, anymore.

So, what will this blog be? Well, I suppose it will just be my own personal mental masturbation gymnasium.  If that’s your kink, then have a seat.