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SCOTUS is giving me some hope, today June 26, 2015

Posted by shaunphilly in Polyamory.

In a world where there are more than enough reasons to be pessimistic, every once in a while something happens which makes me feel more optimistic.

Source: Huffington Post

I am happy that I now live in a country where anyone can marry anyone they want. Well, one at a time, for now. But it’s a start.

I’m smiling a little better today. Congratulations to all the couples out there who, finally, have the right to marry.


1. Keith Pullman - June 27, 2015

Yes, it was a great step forward, but there’s still much work to do. I’m happy for those who can now marry, but I know some still are waiting for full marriage equality, or even just to stop having to hide their relationships.

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