Thoughts on a chilly bright February morning

Rabbitdarling has some thoughts about responses to abuse as well. Obviously, she and I have some common experiences, and I’m glad that she’s able to articulate her thoughts and feelings so eloquently.


I could hide my own Easter eggs.

Guys, I have all the tired today, but I’m so ridiculously happy.
The Whiskey Kittens had a show last night, and we had the most fun I have ever had performing.  The comedy was on point and utterly irreverent and hilarious.  I don’t usually enjoy stand-up, but this was great.  I debuted a new act as Iris, the over-worked rainbow messenger goddess, and reclaimed my old Donna Noble, which is consistently well-loved, no matter how many times I reprise it.

I am exhausted, but deeply happy.  I got a great group hug when I shared my experiences of the pastyear, and a solemn promise that my autonomy, image, time, talent, and boundaries will always be respected and valued.  I cried a little when everyone went back upstairs, and my eyeliner ran a little.  Also I am still wearing that eyeliner at 8:45 the following morning, and there is…

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