Quick update

In recent weeks, there have been some significant upheavals in my life, and those upheavals have effects on PolySkeptic.  I’m not entirely sure when I will start writing again, but it is possible that it might be a while.  As some of you may have noticed, Gina and Wes are no longer listed in the bio, and will probably not be writing for PolySkeptic again.  The reasons for this are not relevant to readers, but I consider this a loss for the site as a whole.

In any case, the blog will continue to exist.  The podcast may also be reborn in the future.  Know that I am thinking about what direction to take the blog, and that I will hear any input from readers, whether in comments or through email.

I’m still and atheist, I’m still polyamorous, and I’m perpetually a skeptic.  I’m just taking time to evaluate the major recent changes in my life, and trying to rebuild.

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