Power now available via Smashwords!

Thanks to Ginny, who created this image for me
My book cover (thanks Ginny!)

I wrote yesterday about how I wrote a book and got it epublished on Amazon.com.  Well, I had at least one person who requested that I make it available for the Nook, and so went over to Smashwords and got it epublished there as well.  So, if you have a Nook, and iPad, (or a textpad!) you can read it now.

Get your copy today!

Sorry paper book readers, no dead tree copies available.  I won’t get any printed until there is any significant demand for that.  Right now, the demand is light (I did sell a couple of copies on Amazon yesterday, which was fun to see).  I may decide to get some printed just so I can have one on my bookshelf, and maybe to give out to some friends and family who may want one, but for now that’s not a direction I’m going.

Again, let me know what you think, and if you do like it tell your friends.  It would make me happy to share this universe in my head with more people.