PolyskeptiCasting on Thursday!

Since we released our first podcast a few weeks ago, we got some good feedback.  We also received a donation which will help pay for the hosting cost of the podcast.  Of course, life got in the way and we never got around to recording another episode….

Until now!

And by now, I mean Thursday.

So, devoted readers, what would you like us to address? And questions for us, about polyamory, or other polyskeptic related material?  Tell your friends (monogamous or not) that some awesome, brilliant, and sexy people will be talking about polyamory around a microphone and we want to hear from them.  Because if doing this blog has taught me anything, it has taught me that your monogamous friends and family want to listen to a podcast about polyamory.

OK, maybe not.  Perhaps you might have to play it for them the next time you have a dinner party.  A PolyskeptiCast dinner party!* Now that’s certainly an idea.

Either way, when we are famous and our podcast shows up on iTunes’ front page (for now, you can find it there if you know where to look), everyone and their grandma will be listening to us be awesome and hilarious.  But for now, you can get in early and be one of those people that eventually says “I was listening to PolyskeptiCast before it was cool.”

Or something.


PolSkeptic.com does not promise to show up to your dinner party.  If there is good beer, cheap red wine, and it is within an hour drive of the Philadelphia area, then we will only promise to try to make it to your dinner party.