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Recommended Reading: Feminism January 14, 2013

Posted by shaunphilly in Culture and Society, Skepticism and atheism.
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On “Equity Feminism” and “Gender Feminism” (Love, Joy, Feminism)

An excellent critique of a post by vjack about how to talk about feminism. I think Libby Anne nails this one.


1. On “Equity Feminism” and “Gender Feminism” and why we need both | Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History - January 14, 2013

[…] “Equal opportunities, equal obligations, and equal expectations – that is social equality. And guess what? You can’t achieve that without challenging gender roles. In fact, there is essentially no way to achieve any sort of equality between men and women, be it political, legal, economic, or social, without challenging gender roles, and that’s exactly what feminism has been doing at least since the 1960s. This divide between “equity feminism” and “gender feminism” is trumped up. Social, political, and economic equality is the goal, and challenging gender roles and dismantling patriarchy is the method to achieve that goal. We really don’t use words like “equity feminist” or “gender feminist.” We’re just, well, feminists.”  via On “Equity Feminism” and “Gender Feminism”, h/t to Shaun at Polyskeptic. […]

2. On Feminism… Are We Talking Past Each Other? « atheist, polyamorous, skeptics - January 15, 2013

[…] to Shaun’s latest post (and a couple links he posted on Facebook), I’ve spent the past two days reading feminist […]

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