Putting the Christ back in Christmas

I do love DarkMatter2525’s videos, and this latest one is no exception.  This is sort of brilliant.

The Christian story is disgusting and, from my point of view, immoral.  And while I’m no fan of Christmas, it is greatly improved as an old Roman/Pagan holiday about the solstice, gift-giving, and merry-making.

One thought on “Putting the Christ back in Christmas

  1. I’ve got to admit I find no socially redeeming value to this animation. I’m a deep black humor kind of guy, but the Darkmatter2525 piece is creepy and unpleasant while making a point that is already obvious.

    A better way to point up the cruel and hypocritical dogma’s of organized religion might be to post a list of places where children can see sadomasochistic pornography and give the addresses of all the places of worship that display imagery of martyrs, etc. including crucifiction. (The latter being the opposite of sciencefiction?)

    The next step would be to ask that these places be closed to those under 18. The clergy that run them should be arrested for their obvious attempt to groom minors for their pedophile orgies.

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