New Film about Deepak Chopra

So, I just got an email about a movie about Deepak Chopra, called Decoding Deepak.  This was the content of the email:

Hi Atheist,


SnagFilms would like to get your expert opinion on the figure of Deepak Chopra.  Our film DECODING DEEPAK will be in theaters, on cable on demand, and on iTunes October 5th.  Gotham Chopra follows his father Deepak for a year to try to better understand him not only as a person but also as a spiritual leader.  Controversially, the film shows a side of Deepak that lacks spiritual sincerity.

We would love to get your feedback regarding the film and about Deepak.  If you would like to do a post about the film we will include it on our site/through SnagFilms social media network.  Please share this film with your readers, and you can find more information at

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.



Now, i have not written much about Deepak Chopra on this blog (I have mentioned him, as an example of spiritual idiocy a few times), and I am not an expert on his ideas, so I am curious how Jamie go my contact information.  I intend to ask.

If you browse over to the website, you can find this video:

You’ll see that the film is made by, or at least prominently features, his son Gotham Chopra.  The film is presented as a sort of personal journey shared by the Chopras, but because I have known a little about Deepak Chopra’s vague, meaningless, spirituality for some time, I am not compelled to watch this film.

Will any skeptics out there watch this film and report? I do not plan on wasting my time.



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