This looks like it may be worth checking out

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2 thoughts on “This looks like it may be worth checking out

  1. I understand that they’re using the reality show model and so must ramp up the conflict and sensationalism, but I could do without the tired narrative of the secondary who feels oh so left out and the implied softcore porn (do you know any polys who regularly have group sex?).

    Also, if I hear one more person talking about how they don’t want to “share” a lover, I’m going to throw something. People are not objects that belong to us. They are ours neither to covet nor share. It’s fine to say, “I’m uncomfortable that you want to date so-and-so because I feel like my relationship with him/her needs to be stronger before we open it up,” but that’s very different from, “He/she belongs to me and I’ll tell you when he/she might be able to belong to you too.”

  2. Granted, it is not an image of ideal polyamory, but do you deny that some people, when starting out as poly, go through some of these issues?

    My hope is that those clips of the show are there to draw you in, and become examples of challenges for the characters, rather than the anchor of the plot. I expect to be disappointed, but will not merely assume that I will be.

    If I were to write such a show, I would include such things as problems and puzzles for the characters, and if I were dealing with producers who wanted to sex it up, they would want to emphasize those things in the trailers.

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