Overtime and relationships

So, I have not been posting as much recently. The reason is not laziness, but hockey. I have a (possibly irrational) love of the NHL playoffs, which I have loved watching since I was a kid. The best of the best is overtime hockey in the playoffs (especially during a game 7). It’s fast, exciting, and it could be over any second.

So, yes, this is an excuse to force a metaphor between overtime hockey and relationships. In my experience, being a person who has struggled with a wicked temper fueled by an emotional imbalance, I know very well that a relationship can end in a moment. And in my case, it has happened at least twice. It didn’t literally end that moment, but decisions have consequences.

I have memories which haunt me. I sometimes wish I could find a way to take them back, but I cannot. All that is left is the future.

This has taught me to be perpetually vigilant and extremely self-critical, in order to become more stable and aware of my weaknesses and strengths. and this, perhaps, gives me an advantage (although not a privilege) which has made me more successful at being polyamorous. I’ve stumbled and erred, of course, but because I was forced to do work to improve myself independent of my relationships with other people, doing that relationship work was based in a strong personal foundation.

In any case, this will end up being a ramble if it continues. Bottom line, posting will be slower due to hockey playoffs, upcoming wedding (just over two weeks away!), and nicer weather. In the mean time, the third overtime is about to start between New York and Washington.

Sleep or hockey…choices!