Some Thoughts While I’m Waiting in Line for Overpriced Wine

It’s 11pm and I’m feeling content and comfortable.  After standing in rainy conditions from 9:30am to 5:00pm, we here at decided to head back to the hotel to dry off and get our brains in order.  Then we headed to Bethesda for an after party sponsored by American Atheists and here we are.

Last month, Wes, Jessie, and I went to Wicked Faire in Somerset, NJ.  It was a wonderful weekend for various reasons (not the least of which was getting to walk around as Lock, Shock and Barrel again).  One of the things that was appealing at the time was the massive amount of acceptance for all lifestyles and interests.  At Wicked Faire, you could be who you want to be, whatever that may be.  That felt like a vacation for me for a weekend because it was really nice to not have to particularly explain polyamory for once.  We could just introduce ourselves and our relationship and people were cool with it (we didn’t even get weird looks about it).  So that’s nice.  But the acceptance was one I couldn’t fully trust and give in to, because, well, when you are with people who accept everything regardless of any thought at all, the acceptance is…um…kind of bullshit.  If you don’t think about it and just accept, sure, you don’t fight…but you’re also not asking questions or getting a real opinion.  It’s nice for a weekend, but not for a life.

At the Reason Rally, I feel a similar kind of acceptance but I feel like it’s one I can trust.  The Reason Rally has been a gathering of like minded people, just like any convention…but here’s the difference: we accept because we know that anything we disagree with can and will be challenged.  It is an acceptance based on truth and a commitment to critical thinking.  Just like asking why we were waiting in a long line before getting into it themselves, meetings here are done with an important understanding.  The understanding is that we know that we may not agree on, well, anything…but we do agree that we should find out exactly what people are about before accepting or rejecting them, much like ideas and beliefs.

This is the essence of reason.  This is why we are here, in DC and, frankly, in life.

Maybe it’s the wine talking, but I’m feeling motivated and excited about this movement and the kind of people who join it.  I am not alone.

And just in case you thought this wasn’t a real rally, there was totally a woman dancing with hula hoops on the dance floor a minute ago.  The drum circle will begin shortly…most likely.  I missed a chance to take a picture of hula hoop girl because I was blogging.

I should, um, maybe stop blogging for a minute…maybe.

One thought on “Some Thoughts While I’m Waiting in Line for Overpriced Wine

  1. Im looking for that girl’s FB. She was wonderful. Hell, my kids love the video I shot of one of her routines. I also saw her having, or trying to have, a discussion with a street preacher. She’s pretty damned smart. <–I'm a douche for 'sounding like she wouldn't be. I'll post my video later when I get home if you want.

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