Richard Dawkins: Need I Say More?

It is a fact of my own life that scientists will always offer the most persuasive arguments to me for logic and reason.  But it is also true that they offer the most compelling arguments for the beauty of our world.  Listening to Dawkins speak about “this rock, near a mediocre star on the edge of a typical galaxy” and how despite the ordinary nature of the conditions in this particular pocket of the universe, something as extraordinary as our planet and the life on it managed to occur fills me with a sense of awe.  To accept that the beauty we see in our short, insignificant lives can be attributed to chance, the entropic reality of the universe is a gift.  To attribute to anything else cheapens it.  It is a beautiful world without spirituality.  It is more beautiful to me because of that.

Science is practical magic.

As such, I enjoy that my camera phone makes all the pictures of the video screen look like promotional posters or cartoons.