The Reason Rally is TOMORROW!

Everyone remember:

The 2012 Reason Rally is taking place on Saturday, March 24, 2012 from 10:00 AM until dusk. More speakers and entertainers were recently added to the roster. The additional celebrities are Adam Savage, Tim Minchin, Eddie Izzard, Paul Provenza and Shelley Segal. See: for more information about this free and open to the public event.

(from Margaret Downey at the Freethought Society)

All of us here at PolySkeptic will be there (I will even be wearing the shirt, which may or may not be visible depending on weather) and we will be with friends.  I am looking forward to seeing many fellow bloggers, people I don’t get to see because they live far away, and even people that live in the area but I don’t see often enough.

It should be a great time, rain or shine!

Also, we may attend the Atheist Nexus after party.  here are the deets (you know, short for details…except having to explain that makes it not so short…whatevs…):

After the Rally, hop on the subway (Red Line) and head to the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Atheist Nexus is hosting a FREE party (8:30 PM until Midnight) that will feature the music of Shelley Segal, and a debaptism ceremony for the living and the dead (Mitt Romney’s freethinking father perhaps?). Also, more mystery guest speakers. Bwahaha.

See you there!

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  1. I had planned on going with my husband and one of my partners and his SO but then my daughter got sick so I’m going to be home taking care of her instead. 😦

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