So, I have been considering doing this for a while, but today I did it.  I have a new domain, or a new URL, or a new web address (depending on your familiarity with internet lingo).

What does this mean to you, dear reader? Well, it means that if you were to link, surf, or otherwise browse to shaunphilly.wordpress.com, you will be re-directed to polyskeptic.com, automatically.  But it also means that you can update your links, bookmarks, etc if you like.  The blog will still have the same title (although I did change it to Atheist, Polyamorous, Skeptics recently after inviting my fiance to blog here, which she may from time to time).  Why did I do this?  Well, it’s easier to remember (telling people how I spell my name makes telling people about my blog cumbersome).  And if I decide to make a T-shirt to wear taht advertises my blog (with some awesome slogan, of course), I will have an easier domain to print on the back.

So, here goes owning my own domain!