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Cynical City Living September 13, 2011

Posted by shaunphilly in religion, atheism, polyamory, culture.

I’m going to step aside from polyamory and religion for a quick second.  Today, a thought occurred to me.  It was not the first time this thought occurred to me, but I felt compelled to share it today, for some reason.

Ah, home...

I love living in a city.  I can walk or bike pretty much anywhere I want to go, there are tons of things to choose from to do, and there are lots of interesting people to spend time with.

My thought orbits around that last point, and I would like to make an observation concerning this issue of interesting people.

Interesting people are rare.  In my opinion, most people are severely uninteresting.  They are often not merely unintelligent (although some are, and I don’t fault them for it), but they are uneducated, incurious, and unwilling to challenge themselves.  They are boring, hetero-normative, monogamous, and fearful people who I really don’t want to spend time with.

(This is not to say that a person is is any of these things is automatically uninteresting, it just seems to make it more likely to be a correlative marker)

San Fransisco, apparently

And because they are rare, you need a large sample size of people to have enough of them around.  Further, concentrated areas like cities draw people like this in, like magnets to each other.  In rural areas, suburbs, or other less populated areas rare people often feel left out, abnormal, and seek to be closer to open minded and intelligent people.  Like cities.

One reason I don’t think I could enjoy living in a small town, a suburban area, etc is that I’d miss the dynamic of people that cites bring.  Not that interesting people can’t and don’t live away from cities (I know they do), but that there are less of them, and they will be harder to find.  Also, we’d have less varied choice of activities.

For those of you who like the suburbs or the country, I suppose you have your reasons.  If you would like to share them, by all means do so.  I just don’t get it.


1. Cory Brunson - September 13, 2011

I love Blacksburg. I’ll be devastated when i leave. I’ll still leave. (I’m pretty certain.) The forests and sky and university dominance are probably beside your point, so here’s a social reason i love being here: There’s so much work to be done. All one needs to do to make (say) ten peoples’ lives markedly better is be a visible secularist, keep an atheist group active, start up a non-monogamy support group, attend a few town council meetings, clue people in to local sustainable and equitable business . . . etc. I’m motivated to get things done. I might be a decent grad student if i lived in a place with fewer social opportunities for just that.

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