Somebody likes me!

So, if you have not been paying attention lately, I have been seeing someone new recently, and therefore exercising my Bacchus-given polyamorous rights, and we have been having a wonderful time.  So, today she wrote another post on her blog that made reference to me by name today, and so I thought I’d like, you know, prove that I read it and stuff by linking to it and making a few references to it below.  Because that is what a supportive partner does

Gina is truly one of the funniest people I’ve ever known, and we keep each other very entertained while one or both of us should be doing more constructive things, like work.  And to boot, she s talented, smart, and you know, like sexy and stuff.  She is a singer and guitarist for the local Philly music thingy called Arcati Crisis, does some theater stuff that may be awesome or super awesome (the jury is still out on that), and she does some other stuff that might be inappropriate to post here.  Nobody wants to read about dead babies.  Those last two sentences were completely unrelated.

On top of how great we get along, she and Ginny talk extensively as well and seem to like each other a lot.  It is hugely advantageous for your girlfriends (I never really like the terms boyfriend/girlfriend that much either), significant others (meh, that is hardly better), or partners (what, are we starting a business?) to get along well with each other.  Can I just call them my bitches and still call myself a feminist?

Probably not.

So, I love my life right now, and I think it has great potential to get better and remain in a stable state of great friends and lovers.  Ginny is awesome, Gina is awesome, Wes and I are apparently the same person, and then there is Jessie (Wes’ other girlfriend) who I have not yet gotten to know well.  Add another currently unnamed girl who I have been seeing more casually and my life is complicated (awsomplicated?) with people, but I’m loving it.

So yes, ain’t life grand?