Going to New York to be on Father Oprah

So, apparently some Catholic priest by the name of Albert Cutie left the church to marry his girlfriend.  I vaguely remember this story from some news site a while back, and put it out of my mind; it didn’t seem that important or interesting.  I’m certainly not against people leaving the Catholic church.

But now he has a show.  It is being market-tested in New York and Los Angeles, on FOX, and it is essentially a talk show a la Oprah.  In fact, his media nickname is “Father Oprah,” and his show will be at least partially inspired by her show.  I just hope his staff is not as problematic as Oprah’s has been. In any case, here’s a blurb I found about it where you can get free tickets:

Father Albert Cutié. He helps guests solve dilemmas and resolve conflicts by drawing on methods honed from personal experience, extensive theological training, and thousands of hours spent hearing confessions and counseling couples.

So, what does this have to do with me? Well, I’m sure that the title gave a non-so-subtle hint; my girlfriend Ginny and I will be going up to New York today to do a show recording tomorrow.  They are doing an episode about relationships, and wanted someone to represent an alternative relationship style.  At least I hope that is why they want us there….

So, now the question is what should we expect? Will it be a hostile environment? Will Father Cutie (who is now an Episcopalian priest rather than Catholic) try and ‘help’ us with our ‘problem’?  I just don’t know.  I hope to be able to present an alternative lifestyle and perspective about relationships that will be useful to people.  I hope to not make an ass out of myself, too.

But mostly it will be awesome to get a trip to New York, travel and lodging paid for, and to have a great story to tell one way or the other.

Here’s an interview with Father Oprah that I found online.

5 thoughts on “Going to New York to be on Father Oprah

  1. That’s awesome! How did you guys get tapped for this? Be prepared for surprises. If they called you guys out of the blue, be prepared for a surprise guest. If it is pre-recorded, keep statements short (to minimize their ability to edit you out of context). Think of one main message you want to get across and keep repeating it. Think of 3 questions a hostile host is likely to ask and have answers for them ahead of time. Just some advice. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Thanks Shaun. Too bad! But then again, reading you and Ginny on your respective blogs is probably more worthwhile than watching you be questioned and doubted by someone who will never have the same view as us anyway.

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