Yay blasphemy!

Blasphemy is a victimless crime
Blasphemy is a victimless crime

I love me some blasphemy.  I try and do it at least once a day, just to keep up my spirits.

Or something…

Remember this article I wrote about the blasphemy laws in Ireland?  Well, the law passed, and not everyone was happy about it.

In fact, check this out (from Ian O’Doherty ):


So, we’re now officially the most religiously deranged country in the civilised world.

Now that blasphemous libel has been introduced to the statue books, it will be a crime to have a pop at religions.

So, here we go — Catholicism is a cannibal cult which eats its leader, Jews who believe that God wants them to settle in the Holy Land are deranged lunatics, Muslims who wants to install Islamic law are nothing but fascist terrorists and Scientologists are nothing but a bunch of brainwashed weirdos who have been suckered by the malicious rantings of a failed science-fiction writer.

Alright lads, I’ll see you in court.

I’m glad to see it.  I doubt anything will come of it, but I’m glad that someone is willing to say it.  I hope that more people come out and test this law as Mr. O’Doherty has.  For those that don’t know, Ian O’Doherty is a columnist for the Irish Independent.  His writing can be found here.

Even if the law has been on the books for some time, the fact that it was revisited means that it has some significance now.  The legislature passed it, and I hope that more people will stand up and challenge it.

Blasphemy, after all, is a victimless crime.