Jesus is Polyamorous

No, think about it. Jesus loves you, me, and everyone else. He is in your heart right now. He wants to have a relationship with you and with everyone. If that isn’t polyamory I don’t know what is.

In all seriousness, I actually think that the concept of polyamory is not so removed from the experiences of people. Most people have a few close friends who they care about in addition to their girlfriend, boyfriend, hermaphrodite-friend, or whatever. Polyamory does not require sex to be part of any loving relationship we have with more than one person, it just makes it more fun if it does ;).

I really have trouble imagining that people truly don’t understand that it is possible to love more than one person and to maintain relationships with them. I believe this because people do it all the time and don’t call it polyamory.

Not all relationships need the same amount of energy to maintain them. Some relationships are great with little maintenance, and others need a lot. Think of a married Christian; they maintain a relationship with their spouse and with god, right? Never mind that one of these relationships is imaginary, but the effort is there to some degree on their part nonetheless.

I’ll leave you with this. Why is it that we believe that one special relationship with one person is better than many special relationships? If it is not a form of insecurity concerning how the ones we love also love others, then what is it? Is this monogamy really the only ideal goal for a truly emotionally mature person?

What would Jesus do?

2 thoughts on “Jesus is Polyamorous

  1. “you don’t really have good reading comprehension skills, it seems.”

    Shaun, I will bet you any amount of money you can put up, hell I’ll even give you 10-1 odds, I’ll destroy you in any intelligence contest in which you wish to engage me, especially, (and yes I know the history of the term “especially”), reading comprehension.

    But beyond that you end your essay with:

    “I think it’s right for everyone.”

    Why? You’ve given NO evidence why this is so. Because its right for you? And you have the gall to say I’m not your audience?

    I’m am atheist who questions each & every social convention & who would be fine with you and your polyamorous ilk living next door to me.(I’m sure I’d make many a drunken cameo at your sex-parties-[and yes I know polyamory isn’t about orgies or sex parties]) I’ve also unapologetically engaged in a wide variety of unorthodox sexual behavior. How could I not be “your audience” (How does one get an audience anyway?)?

    The answer can only be that “Your Audience” MUST agree with you.
    The prophet-hater becomes the prophet.

    Any fair reading of your post will give the impression, that YOUR way of life is superior. Since you think I lack reading comprehension skills I’ll leave with this example:

    “Trying to limit ourselves to one sexual and romantic partner leads to cheating, repression, or to some form of serial monogamy.”

    If you can’t see why this isn’t an insult to the monogamous inclined you don’t understand yourself. If you can’t understand your own writing I’ll interpret it for you.

    “If you’re not polyamorous you are destined to become a liar and vow-breaker, a marital catamite, or worse, indulgent in nearly consequence-free ephemeral sexual relationships.”

    If this is trolling, its the best thing to happen to the www.

  2. I just wanted to say, Jon, that I just noticed this comment in the spam filter. I approved it, obviously. I just figured I’d allow your own comments to hang yourself.

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