PolyskeptiCast 1.4

A new episode!


Quiet you!


That’s better.  OK, so since life has been happening, including some of us having new partners as well as burlesque shows, we have not sat down to record in a while.  And despite Jessie not being available to record with us this time (no OKStupid this time) we managed to crank out 45 minutes of cream filled happy time…or something.

(that…was weird…)

I said quiet you!



(and tell all your friends)

Yes, that too.  The voices in my head aren’t always unhelpful.

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PolyskptiCast episode 2!

So, we finally got around to sitting down to record yesterday, and now I have just finished editing.

We do more OKStupid, discuss relationship rules, and and read some mail.


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We are not sure when we will sit down to record again, but definitely send us some feedback, whether praise or criticism.

But of course it will be all praise, right?


PolyskeptiCast Episode #1

[edit: If you tried to listen and it didn’t load, it may have been because I had to re-upload the file to podbean.  It should be fine now]

So, we here at the PolySkeptic compound (or “playhouse” as Jessie calls it) have been talking about getting our sexy voices out there for people to enjoy.  And what do you know, we have a microphone and some spare time, and I was willing to spend a couple of hours editing it, and here’s the first episode!

We would love to get some feedback, especially letters and comments that we could read for episode #2 (we will see how often we will do this).

In the mean time, enjoy!

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