Tonight’s the Night!

So, tonight is the airing of the documentary we were involved with, and I know that a few of us are nervous (including me, at least a little), but I think that it should be a well done piece.


We will not be watching it tonight, since we don’t have cable and we have decided to watch it elsewhere but not be there too late, since it is on at 10pm (the OWN channel, see local listings).

We will be watching it tomorrow, so any thoughts that I have will have to wait until then, at the earliest.

For those of you who have still not seen the previews, here they are (embed codes aren’t working here):



If you end up watching it tonight, let us know what you thought.



Previews of Our America episode next week!

Here is a couple of previews to next week’s episode which includes us here at polyskeptic!


(the embed codes don’t seem to be working with wordpress, sorry)