PolySkeptic jewelry!

That emptiness in your life? Those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and lack of shiny things?

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Don’t you wish you could strut, proudly, through the streets of your town showing everyone how awesomely cool you are?

Finally, a solution has come. Finally, you can wear polyskeptic jewelry.

You can get them as earrings:


Also, you could just get it as a pendant, a bracelet charm, or possibly as some sort of genital decoration if you ask nicely. I’m not telling you what to do with yours, but you can’t do anything with them unless you act now!

Oh, you might want to know where to get them. For that, you will need to go over to LoveInfinitelyGifts, specifically this page:

Get your Poly Skeptic/Poly Atheist Charm Earrings today!

I’m not telling you what I’m going to do with mine, because this is a family show.  But whether or not you are going to cringe or get all hot and botehred while pondering that, you will need a pair or two for all of the atheist, polyamorous skeptics in your life.