New Evid3nc3 video

I’ve been quite busy recently, and I was away all weekend so I have not had a chance to post anything.

But I think everyone should take a look at this video:

This is basically my epistemological methodology as well, and I think that he has articulated many points here that I agree with.

Atheism: definitions

I while back, I wrote this blog post about how I viewed the distinction between agnosticism and atheism, and offering a definition of atheism that I thought stood up to scrutiny in the world of discourse about such things. And despite some argument from some, I still hold that the best definition of atheist is someone who lacks beliefs in any gods.

Then just today I watched this video, whch makes many of the same points, and does so in a very tight little presentation.

It is a new video in a great series by Evid3nc3, all of which I highly recommend to theists everywhere.  He does a great job of charting his course from being a Christian with questions and becoming an atheist.