Last Day for discount hotel reservations for PA state atheist conference (get your tickets now!)

From Margaret Downey, president of the Freethought Society:

On September 13, 14, and 15, 2013, the Freethought Society (FS) and other co-sponsors will host the 2013 Pennsylvania Atheist/Humanist Conference in Philadelphia at The Embassy Suites (9000 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). To take advantage of discounted room rates that are good only until August 18, 2013, please visit:

(Mention group code 113 for the discount of $130 a night.)

Phone: (215) 365-4500

The weekend events will kick off with the opening of the world’s only Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center staffed by Friggatriskaidekaphobia doctors and nurses who will seek to cure attendees of their superstitions. The anti-superstition bash will include mirror breaking, dancing under a ladder, a magic show and many more activities. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own umbrellas for dancing inside. An interactive museum of superstition will disclose the origins of common and uncommon superstitions.

There will also be live musical performances, games, souvenirs, caricature artists and dessert.

The activities continue with a different focus on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15. Local and national nontheist speakers will highlight the subjects of freedom of thought, maintaining separation of religion and government, building community and the promotion of a unified effort to attract supporters.

The program also includes a comedy show and two concerts.

To purchase tickets and to get more information, please see the following website:

The list of speakers and entertainers so far include:

American Humanist Officers and Board Members
Herb Silverman
Becky Hale
Debbie Allen
Maggie Ardiente


Others include:


Seth Andrews

Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Video Producer


Jamila Bey

Washington, DC Journalist and Podcaster

Rob Boston

Author and Senior Policy Analyst at Americans United for Separation of Church and State


James Croft

Representing the Harvard Humanist Community


Dave DeLuca

A rising atheist star debuting his Common Sense Comedy act


Jerry DeWitt

former minister and author


JT Eberhard

Blogger, Debater and Co-Founder of SkeptiCon


Sean Faircloth

Author and Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation


Fred Edwords

Activist and Executive Director of UnitedCOR


Steve Hill

Atheist Comedian


George Hrab

Popular Atheist Musician, Comedian, Podcaster and Gadfly


AJ Johnson

Writer, Promoter, Vice-President and Co-Founder of BeSecular


Amanda Knief

Author and Executive Director of American Atheists


Lauri Lebo

Journalist, Writer and Author of “The Devil in Dover: An Insider’s Story of Dogma vs. Darwin in Small-town America”


Tracy Lockwood

Former religious cult member


Teresa MacBain

Former pastor and Executive Director of Humanists of Florida


Joe Nickell

Author and Skeptical Investigator of the paranormal


Edwina Rogers

Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America


Shelley Segal

Popular Australian Singer/Songwriter at the Top of the Charts!


David Silverman

President of American Atheist


Jamy Ian Swiss

Magician and Senior Fellow of the James Randi Foundation


David Tamayo

Podcaster and Founder of Hispanic American Freethinkers


Joe Wenke

Lawyer and Author

The conference fee is $113. The price includes the Friday night Friday the 13th party ticket, Saturday buffet lunch and dinner, plenary passes for Saturday and Sunday. A VIP package is available, as well as student pricing, day passes, and other options.

Please do not miss this great event on par with national conferences. Remember that the deadline for discount hotel rooms is August 12, 2013.


I will be there all weekend (I will be a volunteer performing all sorts of tasks), and will look forward to seeing you there!

So, remember Friday the 13th of September.  If you have not seen Maraget’s friggatriskaidekaphobia parties (she does them every couple of years), you should come for that and then decide to spend the entire weekend with awesome people (no, I’m not just talking about me).


See you all there.

Less than 2 months until the Atlanta Poly Weekend, so get your tickets now!

I wrote up a preview and details here, but in case you forgot or you missed it, I will be in Atlanta in the middle of march to participate in a convention of polyamorous people, in part to talk about the relationship between skepticism and polyamory (atheism itself may come up as well, we’ll see!).

So, again:

So, get your tickets now! We at will be there, and we will look forward to seeing you.

The What: Atlanta Poly Weekend 2013

The Who (no, not the band!): you, and all your awesome friends (who will be permitted to listen to The Who, if that is your kink.  The Kinks will also be acceptable).

The When: March 15-17, 2013

The Where: 

Holiday Inn Select Atlanta- Perimeter/Dunwoody
4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 457-6363
(770) 458-5282 (Fax)

The Why: Because it will be awesome!

The How: That is for you to figure out, because I don’t know who you are or where you are coming from.  If teleportation doesn’t work, try a car, train, plane, or penny-farthing.

Pennsylvania atheist/humanist conference in September

From September 28-30, in Harrisburg, PA, there will be a gathering of non-believing heretics and other good folk in good ol’ central PA (AKA Pennsyltucky).  Not far from the Amish (which, for some reason get conflated with the Quakers, with whom I am much more familiar and which have a very different history), these conference-goers will get a chance to mingle with such luminaries as Dan Barker, Dave Silverman, Herb Silverman, Jamila Bey, Michael Newdow, Sharon Hill, and Sam Singleton!

In short, it’s the 2012 Atheist Conference in Pennsylvania at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg, PA.

In recent years, more states have organized local conferences, and it is a sign that the larger community of reason is becoming more complex.  There have long been such conferences, but most have been on the national level (or international level, in the case of AAI), with  fewer at the local/state level.  There has been, of course, the United Coalition of Reason (COR), with it’s local chapters (including the PhillyCoR led by my friend Staks Rosch).

And, having been an activist for a number of years, having lived in PA for the vast majority of that time, I of course should be going, right?

Well, probably not.  Since I have been unemployed for a few months (I will be starting work within the next couple of weeks, but not in time to have money for the conference, most likely), I have not had extra money for such endeavors, and so it looks like I will not be able to make this conference.  I had considered doing just Saturday, but since I no longer own a car I will be relying on a bus, which I may end up doing anyway if I decide to go.

But if you are in the area and you have the means to go, I encourage you to do so.  And if you have an extra seat for me, I’ll come along!

Meh, worth a try….