The sum of all my likes

So, this should exist in the world. You’re welcome.


epsilonloveBTW, if an image like this does exist, put links in the comments.


6 thoughts on “The sum of all my likes

  1. Sorry. It basically means infinite likes, but said in an extremely math-nerdy way. The addition of the “love” infinity symbol over top implies the potential for some love, as well. Perhaps infinite like=love?

    Our best mathematical minds are working on that proof right now…..

  2. That’s sigma not epsilon… Also doesn’t make sense… You’ve said the sum of nothing =how much you love this. So there is no love…

  3. Aiden, here’s a little story of how that happened.

    I had a teacher who, when I was in his math class, repeatedly (and erroneously; he always caught himself later) referred to the sigma notation as “epsilon sums.” I don’t know the history of why this happened, but it is what happened. Since then, my mind does the same thing, because things like that always catch my attention, and amuse me.

    When I made the title, I simply carried the mistake,

    When i created that post, I put together the image very quickly and left the image incomplete. The ‘x’ next to the sigma is missing. I never went back to fix it. And I don’t really care enough to do so, now, I suppose. Perhaps I will another time (but I’m at work).

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this post, I had completely forgotten about it.

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